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Bandgang Javar - How Can I Stop

Bandgang Javar - How Can I Stop
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  • Дата: 11 апрель 2020
Bandgang Javar - How Can I Stop
Bandgang Javar - How Can I Stop

Текст песни

[Chorus: Brielle Lesley]
I been hustling all my life
Been through the hardest times
Everybody want my spot
But they don't know the sacrifice
Did what I had to do
Caught in the life
I can't let go
And I can't stop
I can't stop
I can't stop

[Verse: BandGang Javar]
Yea its true I made a killing off scamming
Got caught with half a million, in a focus red-handed
That's more than yo favorite rapper hiding in the mattress
Now you get why I don't give a fuck about rapping
I know the Feds sick of me
This the fifth case my lawyer got dismissed for me
That little prison bid was worth it if you ask me
I got more money than the bitch investigating me
Hoes used to act like I was invisible
Then I popped up with them bands, Peek-a-boo
The tables turned, quicker than a hula hoop
The Feds couldn't stop me, what you finna do
16537 Mark Twain
Ask Mas, I lost 20 in the last raid
Got it right back anyways
And still got that shit on me like a doo-doo stain
All blue faces like I do face paint
Stuffed the money in the wall like insulation
You think I ain't getting money you hallucinating
Check the paperwork, the Feds knew I wasn't faking
Don't judge a book by its cover
When cheese involved niggas show they true colors
Blood make us related, Loyalty make us brothers
Only child, bro told for a sentence reduction
Free Deeky, he got a life sentence
I dont know how Streets look in the mirror
Knowing if he ain't tell Deek wouldn't even be in prison
And if he come to the block, they gone try to kill him
Unc said might as well stop while im ahead
But you know all that fast money go to niggas head
Knowing what I know now, I wish I could start from scratch
Give up all the cheese to get my niggas back
Free Biggs, its my fault he in that situation
Showed him how to hit the road, like drivers training
Feds caught him with a couple I had just gave him
When he get out, just know he got a couple M's waiting
Its all fun and games til you get indicted
I'd do it all again to see my mama smiling
When I got sentenced she went home crying
I came home to six figures, that's the silver lining
I was getting cheese when you was in yo daddy nuts swimming
Free Mase, he got 10 and wasn't even tripping
They wanted me on his indictment but he wasn't squealing
Check the paperwork, we ran up like 2 million
When I was broke I couldn't picture this
Had to starve for it, I ain't have shit
Did my first 10 swiping, i was up quick
Went from Ramen Noodles every night to Ruth Chris
Watched my daddy die 2007
Im convinced he been watching over me from heaven
I been shot at more times than a veteran
Somehow I dodged every bullet sent to my direction
Moe Moe was stealing from me, said he wasn't eating
Just got 2000 in tripping, I was making 20
You put in, I would've split it with you 50/50
But you want hand-outs you don't wanna eat with me
Y'all been eating long enough, freeloaders
Like the recess bell, playtime over
Y'all had 24 months tried to take over
Then May 23rd came, it was game over
Lawyer said I was the boss, but they ain't have proof
Sapphire wrote a statement, cut her ass loose
Right hand to God, swear to tell the truth
If you like hearing lies, this shit ain't for you

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