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Geechi Gotti - Out On Bail

Geechi Gotti - Out On Bail
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  • Дата: 11 апрель 2020
Geechi Gotti - Out On Bail
Geechi Gotti - Out On Bail

Текст песни

[Verse 1]
Bitch I look like a lick
Chain cost a brick, had a Benz then I sold it I got tired of that shit
Crackers tried to give me 12, said that's the deal
I got cash I'm bailin' out anything under a mil'
Fuck how a nigga feel
Blow bands like a whistle
Draco in the cut that shit sound like a missile
Bitch you broke and that's sad, prolly need some tissue
And I don't fuck wit' them niggas who scared to hold a pistol
Poppin' ass on the 'Gram, but you don't got dope
Politicin' 'bout the isms but you ain't got a hoe
Man this shit gettin' weird
Nigga tattooin' tears
But ain't shot a dawg in his wack ass career
I took off like a Lear
'17 year I been shot a couple times, thank God I'm still here
Pourin' lean say "cheers"
Bitch say "Cheers"
Two 16's and an 8 that 40 ounce ain't a beer
Can't keep up with this Crippin' a whole 'nother year
A whole 'nother year
When you get chased with that chopper that's a whole 'nother fear
Ohh she bad but she broke, a rich nigga nightmare
I hit her in the room and leave her ass right there
These hoes still fuckin' for some Henny
Suckin' dick for some Remy
Givin' dome for Patron, gotta leave them rats alone
Niggas screamin' "Free the real" but won't get money on they phone
Free my nigga Bezill, swear to God he comin' home
Man these fools be on bitch shit, ride a nigga dick shit
Scared to shoot, he bought the gun to take a pic' wit'
What the fuck is this shit?
He shot and don't go back
The 40 known to twist a busta top like Kodac
Rep the NY but not a Giants or a Jets fan
This dick will make a bitch stop fuckin' wit' her best friend
Go go little bitch, ass wit' them lil' tits
She live with her nigga so I had to fuck her in the whip
Whip game proper I can still coke hard
Slap a pussy nigga in his face and pull his hoe card
So far, nothin' ain't changed it's the same shit
Niggas ain't loyal gotta watch who you hang wit'
No pen, no pad, but it's all gas though
This the type of music all the real niggas ask fo'
No pen, no pad, but it's all gas though
This the type of music all the real niggas ask fo'
It's Gotti nigga

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